Monday, November 1, 2010

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

I think that's their names from Alice and Wonderland. Anyway, Greetings!

So pictures! Just two this time. It's not looking like I'm going to be able to send the rest from last week. Oh well. Elder Loureiro and I were eating at the Relief Society President's house. We really loved her. She was so good to us! We ate well, she took care of us! She was a big help to us! So that's her and us in the picture. In the other picture with the map, Elder Loureiro and I are just being goofballs! We're both off our rockers, me more than him, so we just like to have our little fun sometimes. We had a joke about the map we used. It was really big. The part that was our area is like 15% of the map so when we opened it, it just looked funny. No one uses maps on the street here in Brazil. Not very many people do in the U.S. either but it's a bit more common. So that's us being funny.

Alright... with the new curriculum that we're learning and applying, we teach people not lessons. Instead of giving a rote lesson, we teach according to the needs of the investigator. I have always liked this principle and I've tried to apply it from the beginning. It's something I heard in the MTC before the change in the curriculum. But it's much more strongly emphasized now. This curriculum is really helping me apply it too.

We were teaching an investigator on Tuesday, and she had a few concerns about the Book of Mormon. She wasn't reading it not entirely because she didn't want to, but moreso because she was busy. She still had a few doubts about why we need a Book of Mormon when we already have a bible. We were orginally teach her about the Sabbath Day but we listened to the spirit that prompted us to ask some questions which lead to us knowing about her doubts. We had a very spirit-filled lesson where she understood why we have a Book of Mormon. That they complement each other, not that one is better than the other. The great doctrine and spirit found in the Bible is only magnified and added upon by the Book of Mormon, and vice versa. When used together, we have a powerful recourse in coming to know our Savior and Redeemer. My testimony was strengthened that day, of the power of the holy scriptures we have in our lives, that God continues to bless us with holy scriptures even today, through the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenents, and Pearl of Great Price, so that we may continue to come unto him unto Eternal Life.

So that was a cool experience that I had this week.

I love you all! I hope you're all doing absolutely fantastic! I'm having a good time down here!
Elder Rackham

P.S. IT RAINED DOWN HERE OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A MIRACLE! It was about 30 degrees celsius one day, and it was actually cool. In the morning that same day I was wrapped up in my blanket because it was cold. Only because a normal day here is 38-40 degrees do I now get cold when it's 30 degrees.

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