Monday, January 31, 2011

My car goes vroom!

I wish I had a car. The buses here are going to kill me! I feel like the buses are going to tip over because they take turns way to fast. I'm going to carry a whistle around with me and blow it when the driver gets wild and reckless and yell "Stop good sir! You're driving is wild and reckless and I don't feel safe anymore!" I'm not sure how well it will work but it's worth a try I guess.

We're working with a great family. Their names are Neto and Zenaide. That's a first I've ever had an investigator with either of these names. Anyway, we've been working with them a lot about eternal families. They really want to be. Tonight we're going to have a special family night with a couple from the ward who's been sealed in the temple. It's going to be great! We've set their baptism for the 13th of February.

Time is short as always! But I hope everyone has a very safe and wonderful week!

Elder Rackham

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lucy! I'm Home!

So one thing I learned in this mission so far is that transfers happen when someone is transferred. That can happen at any time. Many missionaries think of this as an "emergency transfer" but it's not always like that. Sometimes a transfer just happens. Let's just say that a transferred ended up happening this past week. Let's just say that I ended up being transferred too. The assistants called me to let me know, and I was surprised when they told me where I was going, one, and two, who my new companion would be! I was transferred to Taquari. This probably rings a bell for several of you. That's because I served in Taquari for 3 weeks in the end of March to the beginning of April! And my companion, Elder Santos! I lived with Elder Santos in Parnaíba! And now we're companions.

I'm sad to leave Horto Florestal. I really liked the ward. It was a huuuuuuuge area, but it was good. I really grew to love the Horto Florestal ward. It has some amazing members who each have a unique story that's special and important. They're doing the best they can, and they're being blessed for it. I got to work side by side with a few specific members and create some close friendships. I want to come back and visit Teresina after my missiojn. I've spent several months in this city, and to me it's beautiful. It has trash in the gutters, unpaved roads, dead cats and dogs, thrown in piles of garbage in the backroads, but I think it's beautiful.

I was transfered on a Wednesday, and got here late Wednesday night. On thursday we got to work! It was nice to see the people that I got to know. Several of them at least remember that I already served in the ward! This Sunday at church, I got to see almost everyone that I knew. It was so weird but great at the same time.

Another weird moment was walking into the house we live in here in Taquari. When I was here there was only one companionship. There's two here now. There were a few things fixed and a few things changed, but the house is just as I remember it. I'm really excited to get to work. There are some great investigators that we're working with that I really enjoy, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Also I made brownies. They were delicious.

This afternoon we're going to the Institute building to spend some time with 6 other missionaries. Me and Elder Santos, Elder Magalhães and Elder Friden (they live with us), Elder Peixoto (my old companion) Elder Rodrigues (his new companion), and Elder Pereira and Elder Silva. It's going to be fun. Also, I got to know the institute coordinator, Irmão Murilo. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to anyone in the ward because it happened so quickly, so it'll be nice to talk with him again.

Anyway, until next week!

Elder Rackham

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter is Approaching!

It's getting cold here! Well, as cold as Teresina can get which is
about 28 degrees celsius. At night it gets down to 25 degrees, maybe
23 at the lowest. Unfortunately I don't think in Fahrenheit anymore
so I can tell you what it is in fahrenheit.

We had an interesting experience. More of a reminder to me actually.
The other day we were talking with our Ward Mission Leader, and I
asked him if he knew anybody that we could teach where we were going
to work that day. He worked a lot with the past missionaries, so he
got to know their pool of investigators. He remembered a girl that a
member had introduced to the missionaries apparently, but he didn't
know what happened in the end. So we tried to find the house but we
couldn't. So we called him again and he mentioned that the Stake
President knew this girl. We went over to President Santiago's house
and we actually found him at home! I was expecting to find his wife,
but he was actually home. We talked to him about this girl, but he
didn't remember her. He did remember that his nextdoor neighbors were
being taught by the previous missionaries. We took note and told him
we would come back another day to talk to his neighbors.

That was Wednesday. Two days later, we were walking in the direction
back home one night. It was about 8:15 and all of our plans had
fallen through. So we were thinking of something we could do to
finish our night and go home. First we remembered a part-member
family that we had taught once. So we decided to go down that street.
It just so happens that it's the same street as President Santiago.
Right as we turned onto the street, we remembered his neighbors and
instead of going to this family we stopped and knocked on this
neighbors door. A man answered it and we talked on the step for a
little bit. We discovered that his mom had passed away 2 years ago
and he was missing her. We told him that we have a message about
this, and he invited us in.

It was a good lesson. He invited us back. We'll be going back and
visiting him tomorrow. It reminded me that one, if we make the effort
to find people, we will find people prepared by the Lord. And two, I
should be bold in my declaration of this restored gospel.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and until then, be safe and have
fun! But not too much fun. That can be unhealthy at times.

Elder Rackham

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, well, well!

It's now 2011! I looked at the date somewhere on January 1st and was about to tell my companion that the date was wrong, but then I remembered that it really was 2011! I slept right through all the fireworks and loud noises and such.

I ended the year just before going to bed, finishing the Book of Mormon, cover to cover. It was a wonderful experience for me, that I have already mentioned. But to me, it was a great way to end the year.

We've been working more with the members this week and they've prepared 4 people to be baptized these next two weeks! There are more members working right now with other people! I'm really excited for the next few weeks.

Apparently we have some training this week I have to go to. It messes things up. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I'M MISSING THE BEST LUNCH IN THE WORLD TOMORROW! Seriously, I am not a happy person. I'll get over it though (we have lunch at this same place two times a month). This training will be really good for us. I'll become a better missionary and a better teacher. I've grown to love teaching now. I feel very comfortable teaching and giving trainings. Actually, being in a situation where I give trainings is something that I really enjoy doing and I hope to incorporate into my future career. So anyway, even though I'm missing lunch, it's going to be worth it.

Happy New Year!

Elder Rackham