Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter is Approaching!

It's getting cold here! Well, as cold as Teresina can get which is
about 28 degrees celsius. At night it gets down to 25 degrees, maybe
23 at the lowest. Unfortunately I don't think in Fahrenheit anymore
so I can tell you what it is in fahrenheit.

We had an interesting experience. More of a reminder to me actually.
The other day we were talking with our Ward Mission Leader, and I
asked him if he knew anybody that we could teach where we were going
to work that day. He worked a lot with the past missionaries, so he
got to know their pool of investigators. He remembered a girl that a
member had introduced to the missionaries apparently, but he didn't
know what happened in the end. So we tried to find the house but we
couldn't. So we called him again and he mentioned that the Stake
President knew this girl. We went over to President Santiago's house
and we actually found him at home! I was expecting to find his wife,
but he was actually home. We talked to him about this girl, but he
didn't remember her. He did remember that his nextdoor neighbors were
being taught by the previous missionaries. We took note and told him
we would come back another day to talk to his neighbors.

That was Wednesday. Two days later, we were walking in the direction
back home one night. It was about 8:15 and all of our plans had
fallen through. So we were thinking of something we could do to
finish our night and go home. First we remembered a part-member
family that we had taught once. So we decided to go down that street.
It just so happens that it's the same street as President Santiago.
Right as we turned onto the street, we remembered his neighbors and
instead of going to this family we stopped and knocked on this
neighbors door. A man answered it and we talked on the step for a
little bit. We discovered that his mom had passed away 2 years ago
and he was missing her. We told him that we have a message about
this, and he invited us in.

It was a good lesson. He invited us back. We'll be going back and
visiting him tomorrow. It reminded me that one, if we make the effort
to find people, we will find people prepared by the Lord. And two, I
should be bold in my declaration of this restored gospel.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and until then, be safe and have
fun! But not too much fun. That can be unhealthy at times.

Elder Rackham

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