Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Week has Come and Gone!

Once again, it's that time!

So this week was a good week. We had a specialized training to help implement this new curriculam that we have going on and it was very good. President Dias is amazing with trainings. I always feel uplifted and edified! We had a great little snippet on obedience that was very eye-opening and deep! The training is definitely helping. I'm starting to notice the change that is happening in our work and how it's improving.

The ward I work in is really cool! The sister of the ward that organizes our lunches is so good to us! We've been eating very well! These past two weeks however, I've had the opportunity to eat more fish than I have in my entire life! The first one wasn't too bad, and I ate it no problem. I didn't love it however. But, the last few have been so good! The name of the fish is Tambaqui and it's an Amazonian fish with teeth! TEETH! I'm glad I didn't have to do the fishing! Anyway, it tasted like chicken! I've eaten it a few times already. The only thing about fish is the bones. It's a little obnoxious having to pick out little bones and stuff. But it's quite delicious so that makes up for it.

There's a time during the year called B-R-O BRO which is the hottest time of the year in Teresina and the Northeast of Brazil. The hottest months of the year end in BRO in Portuguese so that's why it's called B-R-O BRO. Anyway, it's not uncommon to reach 47 degrees celsius which is who knows what in fahrenheit. I'll leave the mathamatics up to you! I'm preparing myself with sunscreen bathes in the morning. I'd rather not look like a beet for the rest of my life. That would be entirely undelicious. Beets don't taste good. But anyway, I'm excited for the future.

This morning, Elder Loureiro and I were prepping our day by drinking some Coke and eating Bombas (a type of pastery/meat thing here in Brazil) and I took pictures but I forgot the little card reader! I remembered my camera with the memory card and the cable! But not the card reader. Phooey! Well I guess this is just my way of leaving a cliffhanger! Hahahaha! Stay tuned until next week!

Love you all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey y'all!

So this was a good week. Elder Loureiro and I have been trying to help more people come to church and mark more dates for baptism. And this week we definitely improved! There were 9 people at church! To be honest, we were helping two families come to church, and then we get there at there were 4 other people! It was really excited to see one of the families come. I'll be honest, I was a little afraid they weren't going to come, but they did! They're so great, they want to be more happy, and they want to have more unity.

It was interesting, at first the wife didn't want to come to church, she just wanted her husband to go and her son to go. Her husband has drinking problems, but he's been working really hard. But still the wife didn't want to go. Sunday rolls around and we go to walk with them to church and she answers the door. Elder Loureiro starts to talk with her and invites her to come too, but she was a little resistant. But he followed the spirit and promised her blessings! When she heard those blessing, she really stopped and thought about it. I could see her do it. And lo and behold, the entire family came!

It was so cool! I'm so happy for them and the change that they're making. I know that they're going to be so much happier with the gospel in their lives.

So transfers rolled around. Things are staying the same! It's going to be a really good next few months here! There used to be 6 missionaries living in the same house, but one finished his mission, and the other two were transfered out. So now there's just us 4: Elder Loureiro, Elder Epperson, Elder Thomé, and I. It's going to be so much fun living with them! I'm so happy!

So anyway, I tried to attach pictures, but some of the computers at this place don't have god USB ports, and it just so happens that I lucked out and got stuck with one of the few.

Until next week then!

Elder Rackham

Monday, August 16, 2010

Always Forgotten!

Good afternoon!

So I've discovered that my history of being forgotten has still continued into Brazil! We have a newsletter type thing here in our mission and when the new missionaries come in or when missionaries finish their mission, they have their pictures in the newsletter, but me, being in the weird situation I was with going to the field a few weeks early because of the visa situation, I was never put into the newsletter! I found that a little funny :)

Teresina decided to have it's birthday today. Everything was closed. I mean EVERYTHING was closed. Even the partner company to Walmart. I thought that it would have been open on a holiday, because we all know that Walmart has no mercy when it comes to holidays and their employees! But no! Even Bom Preço was closed! It was so difficult finding a place to email. Just a little frustrating. But that's okay!

Things are going good here in Teresina. I'm definitely getting a handle on the area, the bus system, and the ward I'm in. Elder Loureiro and I are trying new things everyday to try and better ourselves as missionaries. It's hard sometimes, but it's very rewarding. I'm glad for the situation i'm in right now, even if it can be a bit tough. But that's how we learn best!

Anyway, it's not as long as I hoped, but I'm running short on time!

I love you all!
Elder Rackham