Monday, November 8, 2010

A Good End to a Good Week!

Hello Everyone!

So we've been focusing on an investigator, Ayla. She's very intelligent, studies a lot and really understands what we teach. The problem is that she hasn't been coming to church. Yesterday was the 3rd sunday we've been inviting her to come. So the first hour rolled around, and she hadn't come yet. After the first hour, I call. She doesn't pick up. Which actually isn't strange at all because she has never answered our calls. She's so busy. Anyway, Sunday School comes and go and still hadn't come. So with 15 minutes to Sacrament Meeting, I call her and she picks up! It was the first time ever. I talk with her, and she tells me that she's swamped correcting tests (she teaching English). So I tell her we'll help her correct tests so she can come to Sacrament Meeting. With the help of the Spirit we keep talking and she finally says alright I'm coming. And 10 minutes into Sacrament Meeting, she gets here!

It was a cool experience, and we were so happy because she was able to come to church to have a spiritual experience, which is essential for her progression and conversion. I'm excited for this week, because we've been praying and thinking about her baptism for this Saturday, and we'll see if we can resolve any of her concerns.

Alright, well I hope everyone is wonderful! Until next week!

Love ya'll!
Elder Rackham

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