Monday, September 6, 2010

This was a good week!

Hey ya'all!

This was a good week this week! Unfortunately I was sick, but we decided that we need to work and that we couldn't afford to lose a day staying at home, so we went and worked! I'll be honest it was really difficult, but we were blessed with a baptism this saturday! This will be our first baptism together, Elder Loureiro and I! And we are working with two really good families that really want to change their lives and improve their family life as well!

I'm doing better now, it was a cold I think, but I'm feeling better now. We had to walk so much, because we were working with a investigator that lives really far away.

Anyway, I'll tell more about the baptism next week!

Thanks for the support! I love you all!

Elder Rackham

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