Monday, September 13, 2010

So this is another quick week!

One of our investigators was baptized this saturday and it was so great! She's been investigating the church for the longest time. And she was almost baptized one time before. But this time, she finally received an answer and she had the strongest desire to be baptized! It was so great seeing the desire culminate into this baptism. She's so happy, her family which is mostly members is happy to see her make this decision. It was so cool too, because her borther-in-law baptized her. I prefer when members or family baptize the person, because they have a support system already!

I would love to talk more about the wonderful things we've seen this week, but I should explain the pictures:

There's three or 4 of me eating a bomba which is a fried ball of bread with ham and cheese in the middle and it's delicious. I'm also drinking coke which is even more delicious! Then there's my amazing brazilian companion Elder Loureiro! After that I believe is my super hero picture. I made pancakes for breakfast one morning and I took two or three bites, and to me it seemed exactly like the top part of Spiderman's mask! So I had some fun playing with my food! Don't worry, I am perfectly aware how weird I am, and I enjoy it 100%!

I hope this week was great for everyone!

I love you all!
Elder Rackham

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