Monday, September 27, 2010

Ho ho ho!

So first of all, pictures! I'm not sure what's going on in these pictures, but I felt like sending them. I believe it's just me and Elder Loureiro. I stole them from his camera.

So it was a good week! Mikaeli was baptized this week. I don't know if I explained a little bit about her last week, but she was definitely prepared for us. She has a child but the father is in prison, and she had a rough life. But she realized that she needed to change her life and we talked about baptism. She wanted to be baptized, but she was afraid of not being able to live a perfect life after baptism. But luckily, Elder McCardell was interviewing her and he really helped her out. The baptism we had for her was the most spiritual baptism I've had so far.

There wasn't a whole lot of people, but the members that were there were helping so much! We opened up with a hymn and I gave a message. I felt like I should use chapter 6 of Moroni where it talks about after being baptized and molded (I think that's the right translation) and perfected by the Holy Spirit, they were organized into the Church of Christ. Anyway, it was perfect for Mikaeli. Then she was baptized and we sang a hymn. The bishop talked to her while I was waiting for Elder Loureiro so we could sing a special musical number and he did a great job. After that, Elder Loureiro and I sang Nearer my God to thee. We practiced really quick right before entering the room to sing it, and let me tell you, we were rusty so it was down right terrible. Anyway, the Spirit decided that we weren't allowed to ruin the baptism so the hymn actually turned out really well. Mikaeli really liked it! I could definitely feel the spirit throughout the entire baptism.

Oh yeah, I made a cake. It was delicous.

End of story. Until next week!

Elder Rackham

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