Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm from Germany now

So because the U.S. lost and are out of the World Cup, I'm from
Germany now! Basically to avoid any awkward conversation like "haha
your country lost!" and stuff like that. Plus, Germany apparently
dominated their last game. We could hear the announcer from the TV in
the next house over while we were eating lunch. Which by the way was
probably one of the best lunches I've eaten so far.

We had this thing called a torta. In Italian it means cake. But in
Portuguese it means like a pie, but not a sweet pie, more like a meat
pie. So anyway, it was a chicken torta and it was amazing. I
absolutely loved it and I'm going to ask the sister how to make it.
Then we had this breaded and fried beef (yeah it wasn't chicken). It
was tasty. We eat at this sister's house every other Sunday. And she
makes really good beans as well. But this Sunday, everything was
especially tasty!

We had a great zone conference! I really liked it. The Zone
Conference had been post-poned so this time we didn't have a chance to
have lunch. We had it earlier and we had lunch in our own areas like
we normally do. The only unfortunate part was that we had to walk an
hour and half back from the church building we had our conference in
to the house where we were having lunch. It wasn't fun. And then we
had to walk an hour back to our house to drop off our suits and our
backpacks of the things we needed for the conference.

We met two young guys this past week and we taught them the first
lesson and it went really well. They were very receptive. The older
one is almost 17 and he was extremely interested. His brother told us
that he prayed for 2 hours to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet.
We only had a few minutes to talk to him about it, but he definitely
received an answer he said. He has a very very firm testimony already
that Joseph Smith was a prophet. It was very cool to see this! I'm
very excited to go back and teach him!

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone! Until next week!

Elder Rackham

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