Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey hey hey!

Hey ya'all!

It's been a few weeks but here I am again!

Things are going great here in Parnaíba! We found out about transfers
this morning, and Elder Banks and I are staying here. Elder Souza,
one of the other missionaries in our house is going to Sobral. In his
place, Elder Manning is coming from Imperatriz! Elder Manning was
trained by my trainer Elder Harmon, so I'm really excited to talk to
him and get to know him.

We had a baptism this past weekend. A man named José. We met him one
night and taught his wife and his grandson. It was a really really
good lesson. And we gave them a Book of Mormon. Since then he's read
it every single day for an hour or two! He prayed to know that Joseph
Smith was a prophet and he received an answer. His testimony has
grown since then. He was a little unsure about baptism but we helped
him realize that with the Holy Ghost that comes after baptism, he'll
be able to understand so much more. That's the role of the gift of
the Holy Ghost. Well one of them at least.

Today is very nice, but it's been hot the past week. The worst time of
the day is right after lunch for about 3 hours. At 4:00 it starts to
cool down and the sun isn't so powerful.

Apparently my old companion Elder B. Santos is coming to Parnaíba but
in a different branch. I'm excited to see him again! It'll be weird
but interesting talking and not being companions. We had a lot of fun

Well, until next time!

Elder Rackham

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