Monday, June 21, 2010

I find myself at the end of a good week and the beginning of an even better one!

This past week was really good! We found some great new investigators
and it really showed me that working with the members really does

We had an activity this past Friday called "A Noite de Chocolotão"
meaning the The Night of Awesome Chocolate! Of course I translated it
with my own twist because hey I have that liberty and unfortunately
you all have to rely on me to know! But it really was awesome which
is why I threw that in there even if literally it wasn't in the title
of the activity. And hey, we're advised not to translated literally,
but to translate ideas! So there you go, I'm perfectly justified. (I
ate my wheaties today, what can I say, it brings out my normally
dormant witticism).

So anyway, Elder Banks and I invited several of our investigators and
we had a great turnout! Actually now that I think about it, we had
three of our investigators come, but, one of the brought a friend and
then we had a recent-convert (Tálisson that was baptized 6 or 7 weeks
ago) bring 4 friends too! So it was a really good result of our
efforts! Especially because one of Tálisson's friends wants to be
baptized this Sunday! He's one of the most wild and reckless kids
I've seen so far in Brazil and I would not complain if someone started
him on some medication because to be perfectly honest, he could
definitely use it.

We found a great family on the street. I really felt the Spirit and I
hope that I taught what they needed to hear if that makes sense. I
feel good about it and I'm excited to keep working with them. It's
just proving to be a little difficult to find them at home. But no

Anyway, here's a couple photos of me and a pet bird of one of our
investigators! Woo!

I hope everyone is with health and safety and good tidings of great
joy because it's almost July and apparently we have Christmas then

Until next week!
Elder Rackham

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