Monday, June 7, 2010

What I learned from Moroni 8

Well hello there!

Like the subject of the email says, I learned something from Moroni
chapter 8 this week!

Not yesterday, but the last Sunday a lady from the branch came up to
us and introduced her grandson and said he's 8 years-old and wants to
be baptized! The first thing we had to do was figure out if it was a
convert baptism or a baptism of the branch, but both of his parents
are non-members and his grandmother doesn't have legal gaurdianship
over him (not very many people do in Brazil). So we called the
assistants and asked them and they gave us the green light.

We finally were able to get in contact with them to start teaching
Wednesday. So we go there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
morning before the interview to teach him everything so he could be
baptized Saturday. Saturday, we spent the whole day getting things
organized. Getting them a ride, getting a cake, making sure people
would be there, etc.

So we were sitting with the grandma, waiting for the ride, her
grandsons and daughter had already left and it was just us outside
waiting for the ride. She ran inside and I had the sudden thought
that maybe he's not 8 years-old! I didn't notice when I was filling
out the baptismal record, but I counted it out and he really was only
7 years old! So we went and talked to the grandma but she insisted
that he was 8 years old and that the date she had was just wrong
because his mom is indian as in native brazilian and doesn't know, so
we had the baptism.

We got there, the baptism went smoothly there were people there,
everyone was happy. The cake I made was delicious I might add. It
was lemon. Everyone loved it. But after the baptism I wanted to
double check with the family to make sure that he really was 8
years-old. I talked with his cousin and we figured it out and he was
only 7 years-old. We baptized a 7 year-old! Moroni chapter 8 talks
about baptizing little kids, and I'm pretty sure the word abomination
gets thrown around. Dangit! But I didn't baptize him, Elder Banks
did so the sin is on his head! Haha, just kidding. It made us feel
better laughing about it.

Things are going good still. I'm starting to get a bit more organized
I think. Not as in our house and my things, but how I plan, how I
think and I'm just a bit more efficient.

I hope things are well with everyone! Until next time!

Elder Rackham

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