Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun with the language!

This week I´d like to share with you all the mistakes I´ve made with the language that have actually turned out to be pretty entertaining! One day while I was still in Timon, we were waiting for a bus. I was eating a cremosinho, a little popsicle thing that really isn´t a popsicle because it´s in a small plastic bag. They´re pretty much delicious! Anyway, I got some of the cremosinho on my shirt but I wasn´t worried because I had coconut soap that works miracles with clothes. I tried to say coconut soap in Portuguese, this is what I said: "sopão de cocó" which means literally "big soup of poop." Haha, I should have said "sabão de coco." It was pretty funny. The other memorable time was here in Taquari. Me, Elder B. Santos and a member were walking to an appointment and we were talking about making fudge. The member was telling me how to make fudge here in Brazil. One of the ingredients is "leite moça" which is just condensed milk. Moça is the name of the best brand of condensed milk but moça means girl. I thought he said "leite de moça" which means milk of the girl! It did not end well to say the least! Well... it was hilarious and luckily there wasn´t anyone else around.
It was General Conference weekend this past Saturday and Sunday, and even though I´m really doing well with the language if I say so myself, I didn´t watch it in Portuguese. It´s too difficult to understand. They use big words and obscure conjugations that aren´t used in normal conversation, but when they´re used in talks they sounds really beautiful and you sound smart too. It was really good though. In my district there´s 6 Elders in total, me and Elder B. Santos, Elder Chiba and Elder Souza, and Elder Santos and Elder Arrant. Elder Chiba, Elder Arrant, and I are all American so we watched the last 3 sessions in English together. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them again and watching conference. I learned a lot and it was a nice break from our usual activities.
This past Thursday through Sunday was as they call it here Holy Week because of Easter. As a result, starting Friday almost everyone in Taquari decided to travel. They thought it was fun but it really wasn´t. We had almost nothing to do, it made it really difficult to work. It was a good thing we had conference on Saturday and Sunday because it gave us something to do. Friday was just not productive at all. That´s okay.
We´re working with 3 investigators right now. They´re going a bit slow but we´re helping resolve problems in regard to accepting the gospel. All 3 of them are awesome and for the most part they´re fulfilling the commitments we extend like pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and also the commandments. The only problem is getting them to Church. It´s really difficult. I´m confident things will work out though.
I was going to send pictures but this stupid cable isn´t working. I think I´m going to by a USB card reader. That worked with Elder Harmon. I even had plenty of time today to send pictures. Oh well. Hopefully next week! Sorry!
I have another interview with President Dias tomorrow. The normal interview during transfers I guess. I´m excited because I´ll really be able to gauge my progress with the language since this will be my first interview in Portuguese. The first one was in English.
Até logo!
Elder Rackham

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