Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Week in Paradise!

Good mornig, afternoon, and evening to all y'all!

Things in Parnaiba are looking great! The branch here is wonderful. Parnaiba doesn´t have a stake because it´s so small, so it´s called a district instead. There´s 4 branches in total. We had some success this week. We were working hard to find someone ready and prepared to be baptized and finally on Wednesday evening we found 2 girls who had been to church already and wanted to be baptized this Sunday! It was wonderful! They´re family is so happy. And their parents will be baptized soon after their marriage.

I´ll be getting a full-time companion tomorrow night or wednesday afternoon, I don´t know yet. It depends on when they leave to come up here. I think that my branch will get another companionship of missionaries too. So their will be 4 of us total in Parnaiba 3 (the name of the branch).

We got an ominous email from President Dias last Monday about mixing up the whole mission. And the assistants called the leaders of the mission and said "be prepared and humble, President Dias is mixing up the whole mission." Who knows what will happen. You´ll have to wait until next week!

Unfortunately I was answering a few backed-up emails so I ran out of time for this email. Until next week!

Elder Rackham

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