Monday, April 12, 2010

I hope you're all sitting down...

I don´t think I really need to say that, because you´re all at a computer which probably means that you´re sitting down. Anyway I have some big news that some of you might be dying to hear! Or maybe not but hey that´s fine too.


I´m no longer in Taquari. I´ve been transfered to Parnaiba! Parnaiba is a city in Piauí very close to the ocean. There were Sister missionaries here before I got here but I think the mission of one of them was over so the other Sister went to São Luiz. It´s a lot windier here in Parnaiba because of the beach. I´m serving in a branch and a district. It´s not quite yet a stake or a ward. But President Dias told me I´m here to help Ramo 3 (Branch 3) to divide and help the District become a stake. I´m going to do my best to help this along. Apparently another companionship will come be serving in Branch 3 too aI think when transfer happen on April 20.

The members of the branch here are amazing! They give so many references. They really want to help the missionary work here and they really want to be a stake soon. It´s wonderful to get there help.

My companion for the time being is a Part-Time Missionary. He´s a young man from the ward who has his papers in almost. They just need to be sent to Salt Lake. He´s wonderful! If I didn´t know that he was a member of the branch I wouldn´t have know that he is a part-time Missionary because he already teaches so well. He´s helped the missionaries a bunch already and taught with them.

The house I´m living in now is good. It´s definitely cleaner. There´s a bat that lives in the roof of our porch area but other than that I like. Oh but we don´t have a washing machine. Well, we do but it doesn´t really work. I haven´t figured out to to get it to work yet at least. There´s a wire that I have to connect somewhere to get it to work but I don´t know where. But it´s great! There´s a supermarket like 2 minutes by foot from our house and I´m a huge fan of that.

I arrived in Parnaiba Wednesday after interviews. Literally this is how my interview with President Dias went: How´s your worthiness? You´re going to Parnaiba tomorrow. Then he explained a little bit about the branch I´m serving in. It was definitely a short interview! It was short because he was going to be in Parnaiba until Sunday as well so we talked more once I got here.

My language is definitely improving. I´m starting to use the really strange subjunctive tenses. I´m staring to wrap my head around the Imperfect Subjunctive. It´s really weird.

Oh one thing I did not like about sunday was having to teach Gospel Principals. They told me 5 minutes before the class that I would be teaching it, which is fine and dandy, I think that happens frequently. But I had no idea what the lesson was. And it was so difficult. It was about the organization of the Priesthood. Yeah, like I could teach that after 6 weeks in the field. It was a trainwreck.

Speaking of 6 weeks, I just barely completed one "transfer" and I´m in my 3rd area!

Well until next week! I´ll have a better update about the work here after a full week of being hard at work.

Elder Rackham

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