Thursday, April 29, 2010

Awesome Adventures with Elder Rackham Continue!

Hey all!

I was able to borrow a camera this week to send some pictures! My new
companion´s camera (Elder Banks, more later) uses the same card as me.
So the pictures this week are from a PDay in Taquari. Our district
got together and had some churrasca. It means barbeque. It was a lot
of fun. Elder Chiba is the asian looking one, his Dad is from Japan
so of course that´s why he looks asian. Elder Arrant is the other
American. Then there´s me. The photo with me and the short Brazilian
is Elder Santos. He finished his mission this past transfer so he´s
home now. There´s Elder Souza, the black Elder in regular clothes on
the right side of the big group picture, and he´s actually here in
Parnaiba now too (more on that later as well). And then there´s my
old companion Elder B. Santos. The other Brazilians are some members
from the ward in Taquari. It was a lot of fun that day.

So my new companion is Elder Banks. He´s from Las Vegas and he´s a lot
of fun. I´ve noticed that most of the other Elders here in the
Teresina Mission came straight from High School. But Elder Banks did
a semesters in Provo so it´s fun talking with him about college life.
It´s nice to have someone understand about buying food and such.
We´re having a few issues with that now that there´s 4 of us here in
the house we live in.

There´s another companionship serving in our branch, so 4 missionaries
in total. Our area is the biggest out of the other 4 areas so we have
the most room to expand and divide in order to become a Stake. Elder
Souza and his companion Elder Santos are the new Elders. They´re so
much fun! We played some card games with them. I really like living
with another companionship.

Things are continuing to be great. Of course theré rough spots. For
example, this past Tuesday, literally everything fell through, and
everything we tried to do to get some work done did not work. We had
to stay in the neighborhood we were in because we had a Family Home
Evening marked for later that evening and it was a 1 hour walk away,
so to leave and come back was out of the question. But the rest of
the week was good.

In 2 days there will be the next zone conference. It´ll be good so
I´ll be sure to update about that next week. The language is coming
along still. Elder Banks and I are having fun being on our own. He
has 6 months on the mission and I have 4 so we´re both still learning.
But I´m enjoying this opportunity.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I´ll try to send more but I don´t know
how long I´ll be able to borrow Elder Bank´s camera.

Until next week!

Love you all!
Elder Rackham

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