Monday, March 29, 2010

This Keyboard isn't the greatest...

So... I was just finishing up this email when the credits ran out at this computer and of course it ate my email. Let´s try this again.

Last week I went to the zoo with my district. It was really fun! It wasn´t the same as in America of course but I still enjoyed it. Elder Chiba was there and he was one of the other 2 Americans going to Teresina in the CTM. I had a lot of fun talking with him again.

Zone conference was last week and it was great! Longer than I thought it was but it was good. I understood most of what was going on until the end. I was tired and so I gave up a little I´ll be honest. I really liked getting a big chocolate egg for Easter! It was delicious. I also got a box of chocolates because it was my birthday since the last zone conference I was not in attendence for.

A few things about everyday activities:

There´s a big supermercador (supermarket) chain here called Carvalho. It´s pretty much like a regular supermarket in the states but the one I live by is a bit on the small side. Anyway I usually get oatmeal and make that in the morning and eat it with some bread. It fills me up. Then there´s a place called Bompreço in the center of Teresina that is a brother company to Walmart so pretty much it is walmart. I like that, but we only got every other week because we have to go into the center of Teresina to get our money every 15 days.

As far as washing clothes, we have a "washing machine" that just spins clothes around. It gets them fairly clean. But then I have to hang dry my clothes. I do a little scrubbing first before throwing them in the washing machine to get the dirt and sweat out around my collar with some coconut soap. It´s pretty much the greatest invention ever.

Anyway, time to go until next week! Love you all! (P.S. my first draft was a thousand times better unfortunately, sorry!)

Elder Rackham.

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