Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Week in the Books!

Hey ya´ll,

I´m no longer in Timon, I´m now in Taquari! It´s in the state of Piauí. Formerly I was in the state of Maranhão. My companion is a native brazillian from the state of Bahia. His name is Elder B. Santos. I´m excited to work here! I like the ward here a lot. Things are different here than they are in Timon like the weather. It´s not quite as hot, and by not quite I mean just a little less because it´s still really hot. And it´s been raining. And there´s almost no dust. Dust was everywhere in Timon.

Anyway, tomorrow I have my first zone conference! If you´re not quite sure what a zone conference is, ask my family to find out! I will probably explain about it next week and tell you all about it because this week I don´t have much time. In fact, I have to end it here unfortunately.

Things are going good, hopefully I can share more next week!

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Elder Rackham

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