Monday, April 25, 2011

Vive la vida!

So another week has gone by and another week enjoyed here in Açailândia. The weather has been great this week. Mostly rainy which means that it was very nice temperature wise. The afternoons were bearable because the sun was covered by the clouds! The only annoying thing with the rain is that a few streets get all messy and filled with water. Oh well, it's worth the lower temperatures.

It was an interesting week. We had an exchange with our Zone Leaders. Our Zone Leaders work in Imperatriz, which is a completely different city that is an hour and 15 minute bus ride. So... Thursday we plan it all out. I was going to stay in Açailândia, and my companion Elder Yorgason was going to stay in Imperatriz. Elder Wells was going to work with me in Açailândia and Elder Pimentel was going to work with Elder Yorgason in Imperatriz. All we had to do was do the switch. So Elder Yorgason and I travel to Imperatriz. First problem, it was Semana Santa which translates as Holy Week in English but I don't think the holiday is known by that. It's the week of Easter basically, with Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Because of this, and since it's a national holiday here, EVERYONE was traveling. You'd think that the bus company wouldn't sell more tickets then they had seats, but that's not true. So we get on the bus to find out we were going to have to ride over an hour standing. Not fun. Then the bathroom decided to leak it's toxic fumes from past users. The windows can't open because it has air-conditioning, but that's actually another lie. The air-conditioning didn't work.

We survive though and get into Imperatriz. We make the switch and Elder Wells and I are waiting for another bus to get back to Açailândia. We get one no problem. Halfway home though, I realized that who had the keys to our house? Not me! Yeah, so... it was a moment to laugh it off. We get to Açailândia, but Elder Wells had to do our baptismal interview so we got that done and ran back to the bus station. Our plan was to just end the exchange early. That way we wouldn't have to waste time going back and forth again to end the exchange the next day. We get to Imperatriz with enough time to get a bus, but due to miscommunication it didn't work out.

I slept in Imperatriz.

I had nothing with me, toothbrush, deoderant, extra clothes... nothing. It was all locked in our house.

We didn't have enough sheets for everyone, I just had one to cover the mattress, but to keep me warm, nope, didn't have one!

We weren't able to make it back to Açailândia before lunch so we went straight to lunch, it started a little late because they had to get things ready to travel, and then afterwards we walked home (a 30 minute walk). At 3:00 we were finally able to take a shower and change clothes.

Basically, I think I got the key point!


Until next week!

Elder Rackham

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