Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An amazing week!

So Elder Yorgason and I had our first full week here in Açailândia. For those who do not speak Portuguese (or think that they can but don't *cough* David *cough*) Açaí is a fruit (aw-sai-ee). It's healthy and delicious. Also, it's a natural engery booster. So the city means land of Açaí! However, due to some unfortunate amount of harvesting, there is hardly a açaí tree in sight. Apparently though, this place was covered with Açaí.

Well, I told you of our suspicions last week, of dinosaur activity in the region. It looks to much like Jurassic Park. On friday we go to lunch on Friday, and the sister, Vane, tells us that she has two types of meat prepared for us this week, so she tells us to eat one at a time, because mixing the two together might make it taste weird. I open up the pan to take a peek and get me some meat, one is beef and the other was fish. So naturally I go for the beef first. As we're eating, I notice that her husband is pulling out some pretty darn big bones from the fish (usually their a lot smaller). I didn't think too much though. I finished the beef and went for the fish, preparing myself, because I'm not a huge fan of it. I get some good pieces and I sit back down to eat. I had already mentioned to Irmã Vane that we think Açailândia is Jurassic Park, so I taste the fish and I'm surprised to be tasting chicken! Well something similar to chicken. So I ask her, is this really fish? She says no. Of course, I remember the bones and jokingly say, there really are dinosaurs here! They laugh and say well, it's close to dinosaur. It turns out, I ate jacaré which is alligator! Oh was it delicious! That I can say is the strangest thing I have eaten on my mission.

Well... until next week!

Elder Rackham

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