Monday, March 7, 2011

Things got interesting!

So this past week, things got a little interesting! My companion has to do physical therapy for the next little while. There's another Elder in the area next to us, Cidade Satelite, that is also having to do physical therapy. It's just an hour in the morning, but they have to go all the way to the center of the city. So what we do is they go together, and I stick with Elder Daniel until they come back just before lunch. Then me and Elder Santos go to lunch and it's all normal from there. In the morning, I'm sometimes in Cidade Satelite, or in my area. Tuesday we stayed in my area and had our District Meeting. Wednesday, we went to his area. Thursday we stayed in our area, and actually ended up working the entire day together.

That's where things changed. Elder Santos and Elder Romero now have to stay at home and rest their knees, because it's nullifying the effects of physical therapy if they walk. So Elder Santos and I got our stuff to sleep at Cidade Satelite for a little while so Elder Daniel and I could work together a day in his area, a day in our area. Friday morning we get to their house and find out that they got robbed! They didn't even wake up. The thieves snuck in and grabbed stuff. Friday night I go to sleep. Around 3:00 in the morning I hear something, but I didn't pay too much attention, I was really tired. So I go back to sleep. Then I hear Elder Crittenden come in to the room I was sleeping in and he said "They're leaving, I can see them leaving!" Something like that. I wake up and think, I think we were robbed. Oh well. And went back to sleep. A few minutes later Elder Romero came in and looked out the window and then I woke up again and decided I should probably go see what happened. They said they had weapons, but we all know they were lying. They were just very desperate.

Apparently, they got into the backyard and went to one of the windows and started talking about how they were going to break in. Elder Crittenden woke up and tried to get them to leave, but they took one of the hoes they had to clean the yard and broke the glass. Then they tried to bend the frame so they could get in. Everyone else woke up except for me and they all ran into the room. There were 5 Elders and two guys. They were really desperate to go up against 5 guys. They saw an MP3 player and demanded that. They gave it to them so they would leave and they left. They were talking with him and saw his face and everything. We called the police and President Dias.

So... they're moving houses. It's not safe anymore. It was 2 nights in a row that they came, and there is no doubt that they've already tried to go back since then, but there's nothing of value in the house, we took it all out and put it in another missionary house in the south of the city. Saturday Elder Santos and I helped before going back to our area. They had to pack everything up and go to the center to stay with the secretaries. They also had to find a new house as soon as possible. Elder Daniel and I spent at least 3-4 hours looking for a new house, but we found nothing except for a small condo really far away.

It definitely kept things interesting! I'm safe, the thieves are gone. Good thing I didn't wake up and show them who's boss, right? ;) Just kidding!

Well, until next week!
Elder Rackham

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