Monday, November 7, 2011

Elder Bednar

Elder Bednar is coming to Teresina! We're going to have a meeting with him and then he's going to have a meeting with all the members here in Teresina. I'm very excited because it's going to be the first time that I will personally hear from an Apostle!

Elder Bednar sent President Dias two talks that he gave, one in General Conference, and one in a training to the Church Education System to prepare us for his visit. That means he must have some great insights for us. One of the talks was Ask with Faith. It was really great to read. I imagine that faith will be a big topic.

We have no idea what the meeting is going to be like. Elder Bednar has it all planned out. We're going to show up, and then we're going to learn from him. Other than that, we don't know. He might call on certain missionaries to talk briefly about something. He might ask President or Sister Dias to do the same. We really don't know. It makes it more exciting this way! :)

Anyway, gotta run!

Elder Rackham

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