Monday, October 31, 2011


I hate holidays on Mondays. Today was a surprise holiday here in Teresina. And it wasn't Halloween. Some random "Commerce Day" decided to complicate our P-Day. Our plans fell through because of it, but that's okay. We made the best of the worst and had a pretty good P-Day.

There's a neat little artesans building place thing in the center of Teresina. I found some pretty neat little things there. There were several shops that sold artworks and crafts that the local people here in Teresina made.

I got to know a bit more about the culture and history of PiauĂ­!

Things are going great. We're teaching a young man named Arnaldo. He's 21 and he's studying to be a veterinarian. He's very intelligent and is understanding what we're teaching him, very easily. He is really liking church. He has many questions that we're answering and I feel he is progressing very well.

I'll let you know how he progresses!

Elder Rackham

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