Monday, October 3, 2011

General Conference

General Conference! Woo!

It was absolutely wonderful fo rme. For those unfamiliar with what General Conference is, it's a conference that the church holds twice a year. This conference is divided into 4 individually-unique sessions between Saturday and Sunday, with a 5th session for all male members ages 12 and up. During these sessions, the leaders of the Church speak to the members of the church as well as the general populace of the world.

In preparation for General Conference, I wrote down some questions that I was hoping to receive answers to. At the end of all 4 sessions, I was able to see all 4 of those questions being answered by one more more talks that were given by the leaders of the Church. It was very special to me, because I could feel that I have a loving Heavenly Father that wants me to learn and grow, and He answers my prayers. I felt with a surety that God speaks with his authorized servents today, the prophets and apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It was amazing to see how God answered all of my questions in a very specific manner. I also was amazed to see how clearly the answer came to my mind. The answer did not necessarily come from the words that were spoken, but in most cases, the answer came from the thoughts and impressions and feelings I had that were caused by the words that were spoken. I know realize on a more deeper level, how the Spirit talks to us. He speaks to us in a very simply, but profound way, that is not easily forgotten.

The guidance I received strengthened my faith, my dedication to the Lord, and my desire to become a better person. It was a great blessing to be able to see General Conference. And it was definitely worth the time that I sacrificed to see it.

I hope all who sought for spiritual guidance was able to find it in this past General Conference.

Until next week!

Elder Rackham

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