Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Anyone who gets this email please call Mom or Dad and tell them to read this email!

I'm not flying today.

I can't travel home today because my passport isn't here. It's still coming from São Paulo. Remember when I was saying how there was that problem with my visa, and they were wanting to throw me out of the country? Well, to resolve the problem, the mission had to send my passport to São Paulo. And the passport hasn't arrived yet. They sent it last Friday, and we were hoping that it would get here today, but it will only get here tomorrow. So, currently, the office Elders are getting me another ticket for tomorrow. For right now, I'm not sure when I'll be flying home. The earliest will be tomorrow. But it depends on when they're able to get me a ticket, and when my passport arrives.

There's no need to worry. I'll be home soon. Just not tomorrow :) We're working everything out on our end, and as soon the new ticket is issued, the mission is going to inform everyone. President said I could email today because I wasn't able to email yesterday. Right now it's just the waiting game. Don't freak out and start calling the Missionary Department, haha. Everything will work out, and we'll inform you as soon as we know about what's going on. Just wait for a call from the office, or maybe an email, I'm not sure what it'll be.

I'm fine, and happy, although a little bit fatter :) It's just a few more days, and after 2 years, a few days doesn't make much of a difference, right? ;)

Well, by the time you get this email the office will have called you already.

So this makes my email rather pointless, but I'll send it anyway haha :)

Love you all!

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