Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, on Wednesday we got a phone call!

I was transferred!

In the mission, two new cities were opened up. It was really cool! In Tocantins, the mission opened up Araguaína, and in Maranhão the mission opened up Caxias. 6 missionaries went to Araguaína, and 4 went to Caxias. It was a historic moment for the mission!

I was transferred to the Angelim ward in Teresina. I'm with Elder Marinho, and it's a little bit of a coincidence because he was my last companion's companion in the MTC, Elder Eberhardt.

We're already working with several people who are working towards baptism. It's really great to get to know new members and new people. I'm already enjoying my new area and the members are great! Plus I've already been able to see several old members that I got to know before in my other areas.

I think this is my last area. I'm not sure though. I could have one more area, but I'm feeling like this will be my last area on my mission. I'm very pleased with the area, because I know I'm going to learn so much. I feel like I'm going to be able to grow as a missionary as well as a person, because of this area and companionship.

Well, I'll let you know how the work goes next week!

Elder Rackham

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