Monday, July 18, 2011


Well I missed you all last week, sorry about that! At the internet cafe we were using, they put a time limit, and I literally finished all the other emails except for this one just before the limit ran out. So I wasn't able to get this email out.

We had a good week of studying. We focused alot on understanding better the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. We had some really great insights, and my understanding was taken to a whole different level. It's amazing how simple personal revelation is, but how profound it is in terms of changing us.

We had an unfruitful night where almost all of our appointments fell through. I had to use the bathroom really bad. It was about 8:30 at night and we decided to head home. As we were walking home, we said "Good evening!" to an older gentleman and he responded. We kept going but I felt we should talk to him. I didn't want to because I had to use the bathroom! But I felt it again that we should talk to him, so I turned around and told Elder Eberhardt that we should go talk to the man. I didn't know that he had also felt the same thing! We talked with the man, he invited us in and we talked and conversed and we got to know each other. We set an appointment to come back the next day. When we came back we had a really great lesson. He was really hooked by the plan of salvation. He really felt like it was how it's supposed to be. The Spirit was there testifying to all of us. We're going to go back today and teach him that God speaks to us today through Prophets. We had mentioned that this plan we taught him was revealed to us through modern prophets. He became really interested by it.

It was a good experience for me. I learned that I need to do God's will and not mine. I wanted to use the bathroom. God wanted me to talk to that man. In the end, I learned what was more important.

Until next week!

Love ya'all,
Elder Rackham

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