Friday, July 29, 2011

Howdy Ho!

It was an interesting week. It was really like a roller coaster ride. We saw just about everything, I think.

We started the week with a family that was preparing to be baptized. Well rather, we started the week without this family, because they moved without telling us and then gave the Book of Mormon back, but not to us, to a member that lives close by. It was really sad to see them give the Book of Mormon and all the pamphlets back. We've tried to locate them in their new house, but we haven't had any success. I think someone talked bad about the church to them.

That's how we started off our week, then it got worse, then it got better, then it got a little worse again. It was just one of those difficult weeks, but in the end, Church was great. There are 6 missionaries in the ward here in Açailândia and we all sang "I Believe in Christ" It was beautiful. I was able to pull off a decent bass part. The sisters and my companion filled in the other parts. The members loved it. The Bishop got up afterwards to talk about the temple but felt inspired to talk about another subject and it was perfect for several of our investigators and the members in our area. So despite all the stuff that went on this week, it was a great way to end the week.

Anyway, time is short, until next week!

Elder Rackham

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