Monday, October 11, 2010

It was a good week!

We didn't have a lot of success but it was a good week. We got to know our new area a little bit better this past week! You know how I was terrible with directions? Well not anymore! Hahah! That's right! I'm trusted with the map and getting us places!

Elder Loureiro and I worked really hard this week. We didn't have a lot of success though like I said. We worked with an investigator who was going to be baptized this past week, but she was uncomfortable about the interview and as much as we tried she still didn't feel very good about the interview. But she said okay I'll do it. However, the day came for the interview and she left before to avoid it. We'll keep working with her this week to see how we can help prepare her for this interview.

We're also working with Adrianna. She's close to baptism. She even asked how she can be baptized! We're helping her quit smoking but she smoked a lot. A lot! But she's improving and hitting her goals so her baptism will come up pretty soon. She loves to read so she's always so hungry for more things to read. We introduced the Doctrine and Covenents to her and she just gobbled it up! She said it made so much sense to her.

Things are going good. I'm safe, happy, and eating well! The lunches here are amazing. This ward has the best lunches of the entire mission! Oh it'll be a good next few months! :)

Until next week!
Love Elder Rackham

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