Thursday, May 26, 2011

So we've discovered a cursed house. It took us a little bit to figure
it out, but we are now completely certain that it is cursed. There
are no doubts about it.

The best time to visit this house is in the afternoon, because the
family is always there in the afternoon and usually the afternoons are
a bit slower. So we usually get there around 3 in the afternoon,
after eating an amazing banquet of brazilian food, and walking around
in the sun, so you can imagine how good it feels to sit down. It
doesn't help that the chairs they have are quite possibly the most
comfortable of all chairs I have yet had the pleasure of sitting in.

We start to teach and it goes well, except every time with out fail,
the sleep brick slams me in the face and I can't help myself. I start
to nod off. I do my best to stay awake, but it's just too difficult.
I usually end up sleeping for a minute or two every couple of minutes.
One time I was saying the closing prayer and in the middle of the
prayer I fell asleep! I was saying the prayer out loud!

So the house really isn't cursed, it's just that every time without
fail I am unable to stay awake. And it's only this house that I have
problems with. I could be at another house at the same time of day,
and there's no problems. I think it really is the chair that's doing

Anyway, my companion told his family last week about this story, and
it looks like his cousing decided to use the story (of my I might add)
as an example in Sunday School, so I decided to set the record
straight before it hits the newspapers ;) Working hard makes you
tired. We work hard.

I love you all! Until next week!
Elder Rackham

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