Monday, February 14, 2011

Well well well!

I'm short on time, again! I talk to much it seems. I'll be sure to budget a smidgen more time for next week's email so I can send a better update.

We're teaching a family and this next Sunday they're going to be baptized! We have everything planned out for it to happen. Everything should go alright. I'm so excited because it's a very special family. They're so great to us, and I always feel the spirit when we teach them.

I'm excited to plan out the baptism. I want it to be special and unforgettable. They mean so much to me it's the least I can do. We're going to teach them to night.

We had our Zone Conference last week. It was great as always. President Dias' trainings are always so great. I always feel that he's an inspired man during these conferences and I'm amazed at his knowledge and capacity to teach clearly the doctrine.

I'll let ya'll know about the baptism next week!

Elder Rackham

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